Lavern McFarlane, PhD., MSc. BSc.

Dr. McFarlane has nine years experience with the Bank of Jamaica where she has developed a wealth of technical expertise and gained a wide cross section of experience in monetary policy, financial management, financial and economic model building. She is currently a senior economist at the Bank, where her roles include developing and implementing marco-econometric models and forecasting tools for monetary policy analysis. Dr. McFarlane has management oversight for the calibration of various foreign exchange models, which are used for forecasting and policy simulations.

A former Commonwealth Scholar, she graduated from the University of Manchester in July 2009 where she obtained a PhD in Finance. She has both a Masters and Bachelors (Hons.) degree in Economics from the University of the West Indies (UWI). Throughout her time at the UWI, Lavern received various awards as a result of her outstanding academic achievement, such as the Department of Economics Fellowship (MSc.) and Esso Standard Oil Scholarship (BSc.).
She is currently a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Level II candidate.

Lavern’s academic interests span developments in the international financial architecture, with particular emphasis on emerging market economies’ financial markets. She has conducted various studies on the market microstructure of the Mexican derivatives market and the Jamaican foreign exchange market.
She has presented her works at major international conferences in Europe, U.S.A., Latin-America and the Caribbean.

Dr. McFarlane taught International Finance (BSc.) and Financial Econometrics (MSc.) at the Manchester Business School in the United Kingdom. She currently lectures International Finance (MBA) and Financial Management (MBA) at the Mona School of Business, UWI.