Dunn Pierre Barnett & Company Canada Ltd. (DPBA)

We are a ManagementConsulting and Technology firm creating Global Solutions through Research & specializing in Collecting, Disseminating, and Analyzing data on diverse populations globally, including Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC), the Diaspora, and other racialized populations across Canada, the USA, the Caribbean, and the Americas.

  • Labour Market Research and Social Surveys
  • Workforce Development
  • Management Consulting
  • Forced Migration (Anti-Human Trafficking)
  • Data Science
  • Black Data
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET)

About Us

Dunn, Pierre, Barnett, and Company Canada Limited (DPBA), is a Black-owned and operated management consulting firm registered in Ontario, Canada. Which has proven its expertise in the fields of  Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET), human resource development, business consulting, research and training. DPBA draws on its association with over 17 Universities and its more than 53 team members, directors, and associates to achieve innovative and creative solutions to human capital development and workforce development challenges within and without the workplace. Also has delivered over 160 projects in 40 countries worldwide.

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Why Us ?


To deliver superior value, to exceed the expectations of our customers, and to contribute to the intellectual and professional development and socio-economic prosperity of our clients.


A prosperous region is developed through the provision of innovative, customer oriented, diversified and quality focused consultancy services in education and training and human resource development.

Goal Statement

Our goal is to consistently maximize the return of all stakeholders in our organization, including clients, staff, and shareholders, by providing a forum to constantly improve quality, customer service, and our corporate profile.


DPBA in collaboration with its Associates offers innovative, customized consultancy services to organizations and operates across many industries and sub-sectors. It provides a consulting-led, integrated portfolio of services that combines insight and innovation from multiple disciplines with business knowledge and industry expertise to help clients exceed their expectations. These services are delivered through the company's unique Delivery Model in 19 broad areas.

What we do section

The services that are delivered through the company's unique Delivery Model in 19 broad areas:


Our firm provides consultations for clients in a variety of areas such as:

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Labour Market Information, Workforce Recovery, Business Planning, Market Research, Database Management, Political Research, Labour Force and Market Surveys, Social Surveys, Forced Migration (anti-trafficking in persons), Migrant Smuggling, Migrant Labour Rights, Business Plans and the development of Labour Market Information Systems (LMIS).

Dunn, Pierre, Barnett, and Company Canada Limited

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