Black Data

“Without data, you are just another person with an opinion.” – W.Edwards Deming.

Dunn, Pierre, Barnett & Company Canada Ltd. Seeks to provide clients with the most accurate data on black people gathered from over 80 predominantly black countries in the Caribbean, North America and Africa. DPBA has maintained a high reputation through its extensive database providing valuable information on Canada’s Caribbean and African communities.

DPBA has been a global leader in workforce data collection; we have collected data on the Black Labour force over the last ten years. We have established one of the largest databases on Black people in Canada, the Caribbean, Africa and a consortium of countries on the workforce, Migration and Socioeconomic data. We have a strong network with many statistical agencies and Enumerators worldwide who provide this information to our firm.

This data also exhibits various details such as Population, demographics, labour force, financial status, socioeconomic status, crime and Human Trafficking. To maintain relevancy, DPBA ensures the consistent update of this data biannually.
We ensure the data we collect are internationally benchmarked and in line with the UN 2030 SDGs goals in the 17 categories, 2030 agenda .

In the past, we have been engaged with many international organisations about the possibility of data collection; some of these organisations include the International Labour Organization (ILO), UNESCO, UNODC, the World Health Organization (WHO), the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), CANTA, the World Bank, the Caribbean Development Bank, CARICOM, the Caribbean Court of Justice and many other Embassies, consulates and High commissions.

We collect data based on UN Indicators such as Economic, demographic, civic, socioeconomic, health, security & safety, environment and energy. All relate to Black people in Canada and several Developing countries. Furthermore, we also collect the ILO Key Indicators of Labour Market (KILM) data in over 60 predominantly-black countries. Statistics and databases

A sample of a recent research data collection project included a survey conducted in 28 countries of the Caribbean for a Pan American Health Organisation, which collected data on the migration of health workers.

Unlike many Statistical agencies which collect data by country, our firm collects data on the lives of people based on the United Nations (UN), International Standard Classification of Occupations (ISCO) codes and the International Standard Industrial Classification (ISIC codes) of All Economic Activities and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We provide specific data that is then converted to valuable information used by key policymakers and governments, and industry to gain insight into the

market to improve the consumer experience—providing data points, mainly for The Labour Market Intelligence, Employment, Unemployment, Underemployment, Education, Demographics, career development and Vocational Education.

At Dunn, Pierre, Barnett & Company Canada Ltd, we bring the most relevant data to your fingertips, using Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning in keeping with our mission by continuing to deliver superior value exceeding our customers’ expectations.