Dr. Ezra Matthias

Dr. Ezra Matthias

International development educator

He is an international development educator with over two decades of experience in the end-to-end stages of educational programs and projects. He specializes in Organizational leadership and management, with sound knowledge of policy economic research methods. Together with his brother Dr. Dwight Matthias, he founded the Matthias Group is a Grenada-based organization that delivers crucial technical assistance to programs that support economic growth, foster health, and education systems, and build institutional capacities. Dr. Ezra’s contributions also include providing high-level advisory services to Ministries of Education to strengthen the impact of major education reform programs.

Dr. Matthias is a former Education Administrator who managed a multimillion USD operations budget for the New York City Department of Education Expressions Academy, apart from being its resident education specialist. Until recently, he was the head strategist to everything related to policy development with tasks ranging from oversight of the school redesign plan to address critical basic skills improvement for a number of students. He is a retired educator himself, who has taught public policy analysis and economics to tertiary-level students in various schools in the United States.

Dr. Matthias is also a published author on Education capacity building and multilateral involvement which focuses on the significance of

substantial intervention programs such as teacher training. He is an established researcher with research contributions centered on the topics including a return to minority males’ investment in education; globalization and education reform; globalization: how donations and people connect; strategies for revitalizing a decaying inner-city community in Albany, New York; and rethinking development strategies in the English-Speaking Caribbean.

An accomplished leader and facilitator of capacity-building activities focused on 21st-century curriculum, he mentors multidisciplinary teams and builds their knowledge on learning resource design, pedagogy and educational technology, and distance learning education.