Education Management Information
System (EMIS) Section

Education Management Information System

As we move towards a digitized future, Education Management Information Systems (EMIS) are becoming increasingly popular in the educational sector as we seek to put the days of storing information in long, hard copies of files in our rearview mirror. With digital transformation at the forefront of developing the sector, the EMIS has become the best software solution.
An (EMIS) is a suite of software primarily used for the dissemination of educational information and data. An EMIS is- a system for processing information to properly manage educational data.

All EMIS perform similar functions: –

Data collection

This software enables all information details to be at the fingertips of both teachers and parents presenting data such as attendance, academic performance, financial standing all in a centralized place.


The EMIS acts as a hub connecting all activities and affairs of the institution such as payroll management etc.


An EMIS allows the review of data analytics easily with every piece of information entered into the database your yearly analysis such as student intake for a specific semester can be recorded and tabulated which will further point out areas that require improvement, as well as monitoring institution growth in real-time improving overall efficiency within the organization.

Distribution of information

The distribution of information such as report cards, lesson plans and assignments for example would no longer be a tedious process. Need help in coordinating your data? Well, DPBA has the ability to develop an EMIS to help with the efficiency of your operations.

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