Labour Market
Information System

The Company offers consultancy services in Labour Market Studies including

  • Sector Studies
  • Employment Studies
  • Skills Audits
  • Statistical Reports
  • Entrepreneurial Studies
  • Employability Skills Studies
  • Labour Market Needs Assessments
  • Training Needs Assessment and Analysis

Conduct Labour Market Research

  • Conduct research, analyze and report on economic, regulatory and policy issues, evidence-based research, public interest and labour market/sector trends affecting sustainability and competitiveness
  • Implement research methods through data sources such as: libraries, newspapers, statistics, and consultations
  • Design questionnaires and other survey methodologies
  • Research, synthesize and summarize a range of statistical, trends, economic analyses and scenarios to support Management Policies and analysis in the assessment of industry programs and their impact on corporate trends and goals
  • Prepare statistical and economic forecasts, quantitative, qualitative and mixed method analyses and create spreadsheets, tables and models for use in policy development and decision making
  • Establish and maintain databases used to house research and data findings
  • Analyse and reports data in response to specific information requests from government and corporate clients
  • Conduct SPSS analysis
  • Use research methodologies and techniques to determine and implement research methods including the development of questionnaires and surveys, conduct research, analyse and report on economic and policy issues
  • Use Database software and capabilities to establish and maintain databases used to house research and data findings.