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January 2022

The University of the West Indies congratulates Dunn Pierre for their contribution to research in the Caribbean Region.

December 2020
October 2020
July 2020

DPB contracted by CARICOM

May 2020

Human Trafficking in the Caribbean Region

July 2019

Human Trafficking

March 2018

National Skills Audit to boost employment and economic growth

May 2017

Technical Vocational Education and Training in the Caribbean

June 2016

Regional movement of skilled person project

February 2016

TVET Unit Trains CVQ Assessors

November 2015

TVET Conference Curaçao Dr Paulette Dunn Pierre

February 2015

Labour Force Survey in OECS Member States

Launch of the National Qualifications Framework – Jamaica

May 2013

Competency-Based Education (CBE)

September 2011
January 2011

Clover Clover Patricia Barnett – Interview
Technical and Professional Training

February 2021

Apprenticeship and preparing young people for work.

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November 2020

Migration in the Caribbean Region

August 2020

Consultants in Human Trafficking Forum

June 2020
September 2018

National Training Institute to Become One-Stop Shop for Learning a Trade

June 2018

Survey reveals the need for effective migration & labour policies

February 2018

PAHO launches new study on migration of health workers in the Caribbean

February 2017

Tertiary programme met with opposition

March 2015

Turks & Caicos post-cabinet meeting statement


Apprenticeship & preparing young people for work

March 2015

Dominica trains CVQ Master Trainers

February 2014

PAHO launches new study on migration


CARICOM Human Resource Development

July 2011

Leadership Roundtable 2011

January 2011

Leadership Roundtable 2011

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