Mrs. Venesia Townsend Archer

Mrs. Venesia Townsend Archer

Executive Assistant and Office Manager to Dr. C. Justine Pierre

Mrs. Venesia Townsend-Archer is the Executive Assistant and Office Manager to Dr. C. Justine Pierre , Director of Research and Business Development at Dunn Pierre Barnett and Company Canada Limited. She is a seasoned practitioner, highly proficient as an administrative professional with over 5 years of experience in this field. She is a customer service orientated and highly motivated individual who has extensive knowledge of a variety of administrative tasks including, scheduling and the efficient processing of correspondence. Having held positions in the consulting field, Mrs. Townsend-Archer also gained extensive knowledge in writing, preparing expressions of interest, technical proposals, building teams of experts for projects and finding tenders on the web.

Mrs. Townsend-Archer is task-oriented and completes time-sensitive assignments with admirable efficiency. She is a team player, a mentor and is very effective in teaching, and inspiring her colleagues. As the Executive Assistant to Dr. Pierre, she has the responsibility of ensuring that his portfolio responsibilities within the company are executed with maximum operational efficiencies supported by a highly motivated team. Mrs. Townsend-Archer is able to interact directly with potential and existing consulting experts and has enhanced experts’ satisfaction ratings throughout her years in the field.

Mrs. Townsend-Archer previously worked at AZ Information limited for five years. She provided the Company with high-level

administrative and backstopping support to enable the smooth running of its busy office. She brings to Dunn Pierre Barnett and Company problem-solving capabilities, professionalism, and efficiency in project management, Business Benefits realization, and coordination and planning. In addition to her duties as an Executive Assistant, Mrs. Townsend-Archer finds the time to give back to her community in several areas as an active community member. She is the Treasurer for the Parent Teachers Association at a local Primary School. She was also selected by the Ministry of Education to represent the parents for the Curriculum Development within her school district.

On the lighter side, Venesia is a pleasant person who loves fashion, music, and the theater.